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The AZEDRA Service Connection® is a program designed to provide patient support in advance of and during treatment with AZEDRA.

AZEDRA Service Connection Program

At Progenics, part of our mission as an oncology company includes a commitment to providing a seamless experience for physicians and patients. AZEDRA Service Connection professionals enable an easy ordering process that helps coordinate the reimbursement, billing, scheduling, and handling of AZEDRA with your selected radiopharmacy and cancer center.

Ordering AZEDRA

Our goal is to make ordering as easy as possible. When a patient is prescribed AZEDRA, call AZEDRA Service Connection to schedule your order for the dosimetry and treatment doses.

Patient Access Specialists

Progenics’ Patient Access Specialists provide one-on-one phone assistance on matters such as co-pay and reimbursement assistance to healthcare providers, patients who are prescribed AZEDRA, and their caregivers. Patient Access Specialists also refer patients to independent, third-party organizations for support*, including help finding transportation and lodging assistance.*

Financial and Travel Support

For patients with commercial insurance that may have challenges affording the out-of-pocket costs, AZEDRA Service Connection can provide assistance identifying copay, coinsurance, and deductible support.

AZEDRA Service Connection can also assist with the costs of traveling to a treatment facility for AZEDRA.*

Uninsured Patients

Patient assistance, which may include providing AZEDRA at no cost, is available to uninsured patients who meet program eligibility requirements.


AZEDRA Service Connection is a complimentary program and provides a simple enrollment process for patients.

Call 1-844-AZEDRA1 (1-844-293-3721) for more information

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* Provided through independent third-party foundations 501(c)(3), tax-exempt nonprofit organizations). AZEDRA Service Connection Program has no control over independent, third-party programs and provides connections as a courtesy only.

Based on program eligibility.

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