AZEDRA is a high-specific-activity radiotherapeutic
taken up by the norepinephrine transporter*

AZEDRA accumulates and delivers sustained cytotoxic radiation from within pheochromocytoma or paraganglioma tumor cells

The norepinephrine transporter is highly expressed in tumors of neural crest origin, as well as other adrenergically innervated cells of normal tissues, and can result in off-target toxicities to these tissues.

AZEDRA is manufactured using the Ultratrace™ process to achieve high specific activity 

AZEDRA® achieves high specific activity.

It is thought that high-specific-activity I-131 MIBG provides improved targeting, greater tumor concentration, and decreased potential for off-target effects. 

  • MIBG avidity among patients with advanced disease can be as high as 93%
  • Because of its high specific activity, AZEDRA contains less than 1% inactive MIBG, enabling a lower quantity of administered drug
Specific activity refers to the ratio of active to inactive molecules in a radiotherapeutic formula. High specific activity does not prevent AZEDRA from accumulating in normal tissues. The theoretical advantages of high-specific-activity formulations have yet to be established.

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