AZEDRA delivers a therapeutic radiation dose optimized for each patient based on individualized dosimetry



  • Dosimetry is designed to personally optimize AZEDRA treatment
  • Three whole-body scans enable physicians to confirm the individual therapeutic dose
  • The dosimetry dose is administered by IV injection (5-6 mCi)*

Dosimetric dose should be adjusted to 0.1 mCi/kg for patients weighing 50 kg or less.

  • Regimen is comprised of two therapeutic doses spaced 90 days apart
  • Each therapeutic dose is infused in 30 minutes, observing institutional radiation safety practices
  • Long-term follow-up is to monitor disease

Therapeutic dose should be adjusted to 8 mCi/kg for patients weighing 62.5 kg or less.

AZEDRA was most effective for patients who received the full therapeutic regimen of two doses.

Improved primary endpoint response in subjects who received two doses could, in part, be confounded by the possibility that subjects remaining in the study may have had less severe disease at baseline and/or had tolerated the treatment better. Analysis is also limited by the small number of patients involved and limited conclusions can be drawn from the analysis of response by number of doses received.

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